Starbucks: Brewing Success Through Aggregation

Aggregation, in the business sense, is the collecting and combining of information from different mediums in order to consolidate the data and

In the realm of social commerce, aggregation has many uses. Using social media, companies are able to collect vast amounts of information on different consumers. These companies can then take this data and uncover trends based on specific variables (Such as income, age, location, etc.).

Starbucks has been pioneering the use of different social media outlets to better understand customers needs and wants. What does Starbucks say is the most important aspect of social media? Listening. When launching their new instant coffee Starbucks Via, they employed several social media outlets to discover what customers had to say about the brand.

1). Twitter:  Starbucks used twitter to engage with customers, answer questions and allow consumers to voice concerns.

2). Facebook:  Starbucks uses facebook to upload videos, blog posts and photos. This creates a forum for customers to give feedback and open discussions topics. Instead of having to spend time collecting data on their customers, facebook has made it where customers are willingly bringing the information directly to Starbucks.

3). YouTube:  Starbucks uses YouTube to upload commercials, informational videos and updates on charitable works. This is yet another way they engage with their customers and, perhaps more importantly, allow their customers to engage with them.

Social media has created a whole new way for companies to collect data on their customer bases. The companies that take advantage of this, like Starbucks, are reaping rewards for their efforts.


14 responses to “Starbucks: Brewing Success Through Aggregation

  1. Starbucks always seems to be on the cutting edge when it comes to new trends. I remember the huge marketing push they did for Via when it launched. Starbucks seemed to hit every social network in just the right ways to help launch their new idea.

      • Knowing the pulse is the perfect way to describe it. Before social media, I remember they would put people’s random thoughts (some famous, some ordinary). They were already reaching out, listening, and stamping it on a cup. When social media came along, they were bound to do well, they have a natural gift for it in a way since social interaction is something they base their entire concept off and follow through with charity and engagement with their consumers.

      • I had forgotten about the quotes on the cup thing. But that is so true. They understand that, in order to have continued success, they must remain relevant. They have really gotten it down to a science, so to speak.

  2. Starbucks is a great example for this. They do a great job at listening to their customers and then actually carrying out their wants. Other companies should be looking to them for advise.

    • Yes, Starbucks has one of the best social media strategies out there today. And, the truth of the matter is, other companies have already been taking note of this and modeling their strategies after Starbucks.

  3. I remember the quotes, my sister actually still has a cup she cleaned out, it was number 44.

    Cliff, do you know if Starbucks uses a specific team for their social media efforts of is it just one person. It would be interesting to see if they use a large team like Dell does. It almost seems like they must with how amazing they are.

  4. Starbucks is awesome, (think its something in it to make it so adictive). I think you just gave a grea example of how information agggregation is being used by companies in today’s world to get feedback from their consumers.

    • Starbucks has really been an innovative company in terms of aggregation. Especially social media aggregation. They cover all bases and create an inter-connected web of customer participation.

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